Internet Voice Communications – A New Frontier in Communications

LOWER COSTS, COUPLED WITH A SEEMINGLY ENDLESS LIST of new possibilities are making Voice over IP (VoIP) technology one of the hottest Internet technologies today. Internet voice communications is changing the way we communicate, stay connected to our friends, family and colleagues and how we live.

Today's VoIP telephones aren't simply a means to having a conversation; they're portals to a world of information that enriches the communications experience and adds new dimensions to the idea of 'conversation’.

With continued advancement, VoIP driven competition has the potential to save consumers billions of dollars. Families are gaining unprecedented independence as well as new flexibility and features not possible in yesterday’s telephone network. Features such as choosing your area code, and the ability to use a VoIP enabled phone through any broadband connection are just some of the ways that consumers are benefiting. At the same time, connectivity, quality and reliability have improved to equal if not surpass that of the legacy phone network.

For businesses, VoIP is lowering costs, increasing mobility, enabling collaboration, integrating voice and data in entirely new ways, boosting productivity by as much as 15%, and giving companies a competitive advantage. Simply put, VoIP is making talking more affordable, businesses more productive, and Americans more safe and secure.

And the best is yet ahead. This next wave of VoIP driven benefits can facilitate transformative improvements in the way we communicate. Soon a voice component can be added to any type of device, application or service that uses a microprocessor or touches the Internet. Already making a call can be just a click away. Consumers can pay less, but get more. Workers can take their work phone home to spend more time with loved ones. Our armed forces can videoconference with families back home — no longer having to choose between serving their families or serving their country. Free downloadable software keeps far-flung families connected, and enables kids to learn the piano or a foreign language from experts around the globe. By disconnecting voice from the underlying infrastructure, voice innovation can now take place at Internet speed.

For 100 years we have answered our phones, now our phones can answer to us. VoIP is on its way.